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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Curators of Dixon School" - got notice from a local TV station

[VIDEO] Last year I mentioned a documentary film - Curators of Dixon School - in passing as it involved a south side elementary school out of Chatham. The leaders there strived to turn the school into something of an art museum. I missed this story last year from Channel 2 and the reporter - Derrick Blakely - is also an alumni of Dixon School.

It's important because unfortunately there appeared to be no previews of this documentary and there have been many screenings as it was noted this was screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center last year and it was advertised for viewing earlier this year at the ICE Theaters Lawndale cinemas. Having missed the various past screenings for this film, I'm even more curious about the premise.

You know this would be perfect for WTTW if the filmmaker was so inclined!

ALSO, the film will be shown at Cole Park on August 11th according to the summer screenings page of this documentary's official website.

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