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Saturday, October 22, 2022

It's History: Chicago's south side nightmate


[VIDEO] Something for you to watch this weekend. The YouTube channel called It's History discusses the history of the Pullman neighborhood. From it's days as a company town for the Pullman Company that produced those luxury sleeper cars for railroads to it's current history as a Chicago neighborhood after annexation. This is Ninth Ward Chgo and thus Pullman is part of the fabric of this part of the city. Enjoy.

Friday, October 7, 2022

ABC 7 Chicago: #ILGovDebate heated first debate


[VIDEO] Yes this debate did get heated, some of the feedback I've seen about it was that many considered this debate a performance. There were a lot of good soundbites and most debates are soundbites. I thought it was a good try by Sen. Bailey to try to pin down Gov. Pritzker on his future ambitions beyond being Illinois Governor especially for 2024.

Who else watched the debate? Any feedback of your own.

If you weren't able to watch you can watch here.

Also the next debate will take place at WGN studios in Chicago on October 18, 2022.

Thursday, October 6, 2022

I'm sorry I missed out on CTA 75th anniversary part 2


[VIDEO] I mentioned the old L cars in a previous post which showed a ride on an old CTA bus. These L cars and buses are part of CTA's heritage fleet and on October 1st the Chicago Transit Authority celebrated 75 years. 75 years ago the CTA was created merging Chicago's previously separate and privately owned transit services - primarily the L and streetcar services - and the merger of the bus service would come separately in 1952.

What you see in this video is the 4000-series car. And sadly I never had the chance to see these in actions in my life as they were retired long before I was born. I think before this series served on CTA's L system most of the rolling stock were wooden cars. These cars were the ones permitted to run through the State Street subway when it was opened for service during the 1940s.

I'm glad artistmac was able to record most of heritage fleet that were on display this past weekend.

We have a debate tonight

 Democrat Gov. Pritzker & Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey will have a debate tonight which will air on WGN. If you aren't able to be in front of TV for whatever reason then you can watch online.

Rich Miller offers a preview for tonight's debate. And bear in mind soon it will be time for early voting in the General Election in November.

Try to keep in mind that tonight’s televised gubernatorial debate is not a presidential debate. Most voters won’t watch. Some will get their information from the news media, others will see clips and commentary online. So, when someone tells you that a gubernatorial debate can change the trajectory of the race, you might wanna take that with a grain of salt. Gov. Pritkzer would have to perform well below expectations for that to happen and Bailey would have to perform well above. Not saying it won’t happen. Just sayin.

I want to add that Darren Bailey made an appearance on CAN-TVs Political Forum earlier this week that I will share with you here. I watched his conversation with Sylvia Snowden for about 20 mins and it seemed like a great discussion. However, if you have about 30 mins to spare you an decide that for yourself. [VIDEO]

Monday, October 3, 2022

I'm sorry I missed out on CTA 75th anniversary

On October 1st you could ride some of the heritage fleet equipment from old CTA L trains to old CTA buses. Such as this one which marked a lot of my transit rides in my youth the old fishbowl GM buses. I would've been very cool to have taken a ride on one of these buses again. [VIDEO]