Saturday, May 14, 2022

FOX Business: FOP national VP calls on Lori Lightfoot to resign over Chicago's 'lawlessness'


[VIDEO] Joe Gamaldi discusses the latest news out of Chicago as far as crime on FOX Business and calls for Mayor Lightfoot to resign. All I can say is good luck with that as she's stated her intent to run for re-election. In 2023 voters will decide if she will get another term.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sun-Times: Compromise on new City Council ward map could take issue away from Chicago voters

 The vote on this new map will take place when the City Council meets next week. You can check out what the ward remap looks like here.

From Sun-Times:

A deal has been struck on a new Chicago City Council ward map that, if approved, will keep the decision out of the hands of voters.

Under the deal, which still must be cemented by a City Council vote next week, the map will create 16 Black majority wards and 14 Latino majority wards, according to Ald. George Cardenas (12th).

Faced with a May 19 deadline to work it out themselves, the agreement calls for one fewer majority-Latino ward than the council’s Latino Caucus had wanted.

The proposed map also contains the city’s first ward with an Asian American majority.

Demographics are key to ward map negotiations. The city’s Black population is shrinking while the city’s Latino population is growing.

“There’s no need to bring the house down. We can own the house,” Cardenas said, referring to the next remap — in 10 years.

“Our day is coming for sure. We have to be patient and humble,” he said.

Cardenas offered a “kudos” to Mayor Lori Lightfoot for her work on Monday to facilitate the agreement and get all sides to sign on to the map.

Cardenas is grateful the map won’t go to a referendum — a step that, he said, would have siphoned energy from council members dealing with other pressing issues, including crime and a city casino.

Here's how our part of town looks in the new ward map. If you live in Altgeld Gardens, that development will now be in Ward 10.


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Whole Foods Englewood closing

I'm sharing this news with you because Roseland can be viewed in the same way as Englewood. The Whole Foods store at 63rd and Halsted is closing in the near future after being open since Sept. 2016. It was supposed to be an oasis in the food desert.

I want to note the statement of the Mayor recently on this issue via Block Club Chi:
At an unrelated news conference Monday, Lightfoot called the closure a “great disappointment” and “gut blow” to Englewood. She said the Whole Foods was an “interesting experiment” from former Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who she said championed a store that was too expensive for the neighborhood and where few residents shopped.

“I don’t know about most of you, but most Chicagoans are hard-pressed to pay, for example, $15 a pound for a piece of steak,” Lightfoot said.

The store was often empty, even on Saturdays when “grocery stores all over the city are absolutely crowded with people,” Lightfoot said.

“To me, what it underscores — and I wasn’t here when this decision was made — you cannot bring investment to the community without talking to the community and making sure the investment makes for that community,” Lightfoot said.
The storefront won’t be left empty, leaders said. Lightfoot said her team will work with the community to make investments that “make sense for those neighborhoods.”

“We’re going to work our tails off to get a new alternative — one that the community wants and can access and participate in,” Lightfoot said. “It shouldn’t be that we’re plopping something down in a community where we haven’t engaged with them, we haven’t talked to relevant stakeholders to see if it’s something that they want, they need and that they’re going to be able to take advantage of.”

Friday, April 29, 2022

Chicago Mag: ‘This is the end of Chicago’ (Geographically)

Map of Hegewisch and nearby area 

From Ed McClelland at Chicago Magazine regarding the southeast side of Chicago.

To reach the southeasternmost corner of Chicago, you have to take bumpy, potholed Boy Scout Road out of Hegewisch, then turn onto a set of tracks belonging to the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad. With Powder Horn Lake to your right, follow the tracks between tall stands of reeds, still in their winter blondeness, toward a railyard where black tankers idle. Then turn onto a disused rail spur, weeds growing between its ties. Ahead, just across the state line, in Hammond, Indiana, are the rusted sheds of some long-abandoned industrial concern.

Chicago’s southern border is, perhaps, the wildest, most undeveloped part of the city, a hinterland that, in some places, looks more rural than urban, despite lying within the boundaries of America’s third-largest city. Like the nation’s southern frontier, it is a no-man’s land that crosses woods, lakes, rivers, and federal facilities off limits to the public. It would have made sense to set the southern city limits at the Little Calumet and Grand Calumet rivers. Instead of respecting natural boundaries, though, surveyors drew a straight line that corresponds with the middle of 138th Street and is often impossible to follow, even by bicycle or on foot. Last weekend, I tried, and, for most of its length, I failed.

After leaving the Belt Railroad yards, the city limits travel west across Powder Horn Lake and through Burnham Woods. I only had a bicycle, not a canoe or a machete, so I couldn’t paddle and bushwhack through those wild barriers. To pick up the line again, I pedaled south to the village of Burnham, and into the dirt alley behind 138th Place, a street of vinyl-sided workers’ cottages and a long-shuttered Old Style bar. Running along the north side of the alley is a fence entangled with vines — a border fence between the city and suburbs, as flimsy as any in the Sonoran Desert, barring the way to Mexico. On the other side is Chicago.

The alley dead ends near the south bank of the Grand Calumet River, the body of water that lends its name to the Calumet Region. From there, the city limits cross the confluence of the Grand and Little Calumets. When they hit land again, they slice through the northern tip of Burnham Park. A few square feet of that suburban park actually lies inside Chicago, although the village of Burnham still mows the grass. Such is what happens when man’s Euclidean determinations impose themselves on nature’s beguiling irregularities.

They go from about Altgeld Gardens which is contained within Ward 9 and further east into the area known as Hegewisch as you see in the above map. Read the whole thing.


Thursday, April 28, 2022

And speaking of the 2023 mayoral election - Mayor plans to run for re-election

Mayor Lori Lightfoot

I was actually hoping she wouldn't, being Mayor of Chicago is not an easy job. However she's just combative enough and willing to stand for re-election in 2023. Word from the Sun-Times earlier today.

One of her main city council critics Ward 15 Ald. Raymond Lopez is running next year and so is businessman Willie Wilson. Earlier today 5th District US Congressman Mike Quigley announced he won't run for mayor in 2023.

At this point the field is only beginning to form.

2023 elections

 I'm considering creating a 2023 elections page.

Next year in February we'll be voting for city council, city clerk, city treasurer, and mayor. Right now the city is of course focused on who's running for mayor.

Usually when I do these pages the focus is often on the Aldermanic election (or Alderperson still doesn't sound right). Thinking about throwing in the mayoral race for coverage and for the first time.

Today the news is out there that north side Congressman Mike Quigley is opting out of the 2023 mayoral race citing the ongoing Ukraine conflict. And so far who announced they're running is Ward 15 Ald. Raymond Lopez and the man responsible for these gas giveaways businessman Willie Wilson.

The current Mayor Lori Lightfoot has yet to announce she will seek re-election although it seems the signs are she might. When we hear about a re-election campaign the emphasis might be on her fundraising which the news is usually that it's not good.

Time will tell although the latest news about her right now is successfully pushing through the city council prepaid gas and CTA cards to address rising gas prices.

So anyway some feedback would be appreciated on this. For the purposes of this blog the 2023 election page will look at both those running for city council in Ward 9 and perhaps also those running for mayor of Chicago next year.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

CBS Chicago: Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson hosts third gas giveaway


[VIDEO] Here's what WBBM-TV shows as far as yesterday's Willie Wilson gas giveaway. Anyone out there participated in this? How long was the wait for you.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Another Willie Wilson gas giveaway coming

This week 2023 mayoral candidate Willie Wilson announced yet another $1 Million gas giveaway. As the last time if there are any updates I will share it with you all. This time he's separating out the city locations and the suburban locations. The closest station for the next giveaway is 111th & State Street on Saturday April 23, 2022.

Also you can follow Willie Wilson on his fb page and on Twitter.


State ends mask mandate on public transit

 I didn't update this when it happened, however, worth sharing for those of you who ride public transportation especially. CTA was still putting up tweets saying mask up until restrictions are lifted and then Gov. Pritzker lifted them on Tuesday the same two as the last two posts.

From the recent press release 
To align with the ending of the enforcement of the federal mask mandate on public transportation following a federal court ruling, Governor Pritzker today announced he will revise Illinois' executive order executive order lifting those requirements for the State of Illinois. As a result, masks will no longer be required on public transit, in public transit hubs, or in airports. Executive Order 2022-06 will be amended to reflect these changes. Local municipalities retain the right to establish their own mitigations, including masking requirements on public transportation.

I also want to add the most recent tweet from CTA on this subject 

From the NBC Chicago article you see where Midway and O'Hare stands with masks, Uber if you use that service, and for those of you who ride Metra & Pace masks are now optional there as well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

We're closer to a ward remap referendum

 I've haven't kept up with the ward remap issue. 

From WTTW, it seems we have another month for the Chicago City Council to agree on a new map or in the June 28, 2022 primaries the voters will have to choose a map for the first time since 1992. It seems the city council still isn't quite there to agree on a new map.

NBC Chicago: Are Masks Still Required on Chicago Public Transportation and at Airports?

This is for those of you who go to both Midway or O'Hare to travel. And definitely for those of you who depend on CTA, Metra, or Pace. Masks are still required at least until May 3, 2022 when you're free to go maskless or perhaps sooner who knows.

Here's a tweet from CTA.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sun-Times: CTA worker charged with shooting man at Red Line station

 This incident happened at the 95th terminal at 2 AM Saturday morning

A Chicago Transit Authority employee is accused of shooting a man multiple times during an argument at a Red Line station on the South Side, according to Chicago police and CTA officials.

Sylvester Adams, 53, was arrested moments after the shooting at the 95th/Dan Ryan station early Saturday morning and charged with attempted murder and unlawful use of a weapon, police said.

He was scheduled to appear in bond court Sunday.

Cell phone video that was posted to Twitter appears to show Adams arguing with the man just before the shooting, which police said happened just before 2 a.m. Saturday at the 95th/Dan Ryan station.

What led to the argument was not immediately clear.

The man is seen pushing Adams to the ground, who gets up and appears to reach into his pocket and pull out a gun.

The man who shoved Adams then walks away down a set of stairs, and the transit worker follows him, the video shows.

“He got his pipe, boy,” a bystander at the station says before the CTA worker appears to fire one shot from the top of the stairs, pauses and then fires off several more rounds in rapid succession down the stairs, the video shows.

I've seen video of an altercation taking place at 95th which involves a CTA worker being shoved on the ground by a customer. And this Sun-Times article cites that this same video was posted to @CPD1617Scanner. I won't embed that tweet here, however, I will link to it. All I saw was the shove and the worker following the man down the stairs.

CPD1617Scanner shares a lot of videos of things going down around the city and their vids have been shown on such cable outlets as FOX News.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Today is the day for the gas giveaway


[VIDEO] The latest as of about four hours ago on CBS Chicago with regards to the Willie Wilson $1 million gas giveaway that I've been sharing updated flyers about for today. As expected from the last one long lines & congestion at these many gas stations that are participating throughout the city and suburbs.

The expectation is enough that there was an OMEC alert about this posted to Concerned Citizens of Chatham.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

UPDATED list of stations of Willie Wilson gas giveaway

 Ugh! They changed it again today....I will advise you to follow Willie Wilson's fb page or his twitter page if you want up to date information on which stations will be participating on March 24, 2022. At this point we're just over a day away from that.

UPDATED Willie Wilson gas giveaway list

 This is advertised as a final updated list. So here it is, just released not long after I wrote the post yesterday.

Monday, March 21, 2022

UPDATED Willie Wilson gas giveaway station list.

 The tweet I shared with you over the weekend was taken down and another tweet had a new flyer with a list of 49 stations to get free gas on March 24, 2022. I'm sharing the actual graphic and the tweet. On Wilson's FB page #50 is listed as BP station on 17460 Kedzie, I presume this is somewhere in the south suburbs.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Ready for the next Willie Wilson gas giveaway

 On March 24, 2022 starting at 7:00 AM you can go to 50 locations actually to the graphic contained in the tweet people I see only 47 anyway you get $50 worth of free gasoline. At these 50 stations while supplies last well at least $1 million dollars of supply total among those 50 gas stations you can take advantage of this giveaway.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Capitol Fax: The Willie Wilson gas giveaway should be a wakeup call

 You may have heard about this all on the news yesterday and he'll do it all again March 31, 2022. We know among other economic news nationally gas prices have been going up and the situation in Ukraine is part of it. People are hurting and former Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson is attempting to help the people who are hurting from free gas prices.

From Rich Miller's post today: "The Democrats at the national, state and local levels ought to pay close attention to this reaction to Wilson’s offer."

Here's a news story about this [VIDEO]

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

John & Elizabeth Moutoussamy House in Chesterfield #Ward09


I like this house it's very different and fits into the Chatham community for sure. Located at 361 East 89th Place so really in Chesterfield it was designed by noted Black architect John Moutoussamy who designed a number of buildings around Chicago. I found this pic and these buildings he designed on fb

  • (1954) The John W. & Elizabeth R. Moutoussamy House, 361 East 89th Place, Chicago, IL
  • (1959) The Alex Poinsett & Norma R. Poinsett House, 8532 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1962) The Lake Terrace Condominiums, 7337 South South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
  • (1968) The Quadrangle Condominiums, 6700 South South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
  • (1969) The Lawless Garden Apartments, 3620 South Rhodes Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1969) The Michigan Beach Apartments, 7251 South South Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
  • (1972) The Woodlawn Neighborhood Health Center, 6337 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1972) The Regents Park Apartments, 5050 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL
  • (1973) Carver Military Academy High School (Chicago Public Schools), 13100 South Doty Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1976) Harry S. Truman College, (City Colleges of Chicago), 1145 West Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1981) Richard J. Daley College, (City Colleges of Chicago), 7500 South Pulaski Road, Chicago, IL
  • (1981) Olive-Harvey College (City Colleges of Chicago), 10001 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • (1983) The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., International Headquarters, 5656 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL
  •  (1984) The Chicago Urban League, 4510 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL
  • – (1993) The Bessie Coleman Library (Chicago Public Library), 731 East 63rd Street, Chicago, IL

Whoever lives in that house currently I don't intend any disrespect by sharing a photo of their house especially since it was already shared on social media. This is one house that has definitely caught my eye over the years just architecturally stands out.

Here's more about John Moutoussamy, when you click the link you will see a pic of him outside of that very house on 89th Place.

Friday, February 25, 2022

CBS Chicago: Chicago To Lift COVID-19 Mask Mandate On Feb. 28


[VIDEO] A step in the right direction. Believe it or not it's been just about two years since this state and other states began their mitigation policies with regards to coronavirus. There were stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, schools were closed, some workplaces were shuttered temporarily, etc.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker already announced an end to the states mask mandate imposed from late last summer. And now the city of Chicago will follow suit. Feb. 28, 2022 the city will end its own mask and vaccine mandates for most public accomodations.

Of course as far as health care facilities or public transportation that hasn't changed as of yet. You still need a mask.

ALSO, forgot to note masks may still be required in the Chicago Public Schools.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Harlan baseball is back!

Found this in a fb group Harlan's Alumni with this caption:
Support Falcons Nation Support JR Kennon we need to get on board with fellow Harlan Alumni c/o 97 J.R * 4yr Varsity starter City Champions as a player and coach All state and All City members as a Senior And Welcome JR as New Head Coach at Harlan High School
Contact info provided in the graphic below.


Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Quick note

 If you're reading this blog, it's attached to two main social media profiles.

Namely the profiles connected with The Sixth Ward.

The twitter is @thesixthward

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The Sixth Ward
With this said feel free to connect on those platforms at let me know that you came through this blog. Also let me know what you would like to see more of on there. I like hearing some feedback. 

I'm also leaving the above QR code in the sidebar.

Friday, February 4, 2022

WGN News: A final insult for a fallen officer


[VIDEO] Titus Moore died in his home of coronavirus or COVID-19 in November 2020 and one final insult has been that WGN reports that his home has been broken into. His family due to this pandemic hasn't been to enter his home to retrieve any of his belongings. The people who were caught breaking into his home have claimed when confronted by police there were there to secure and winterize his home. 

Thankfully the neighbors of West Chesterfield keeps an eye on suspicious activities at his home and unfortunately police were called but as you see in the story above police only just suggested they possibly "come back tomorrow". The home is said not to be in foreclosure and the implication is that there is no reason for any mortgage company to secure and winterize the home and of course some items have been stolen from the property.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Beale for Mayor?

 In a recent article from the Chicago Magazine with regards to the prospects of a re-election campaign for Mayor Lori Lightfoot a number of potential challengers for the Chicago mayor's office:

One Lightfoot rival is already trying to occupy that lane: Paul Vallas, who got 5 percent of the vote in 2019, and told Chicago he will consider a mayoral run “if the financial support is there.” Vallas has been attending “Back the Blue” rallies and calling police superintendent David Brown’s antiviolence strategy of dispatching a roving antigang unit to various parts of the city “an epic failure.” The Ogden & Fry poll showed Lightfoot losing to Vallas in a head-to-head matchup. It also showed the mayor losing to former education secretary Arne Duncan, Alderman Raymond Lopez, and Alderman Anthony Beale — all of whom have been discussed as potential candidates.

Well we have another few months before we find out about Mayor Lightfoot's plans for re-election. I'm thinking she might bow out after one difficult term with the crime rate and pandemic. Just bear in mind the mayoral race is next year in 2023.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Save the Date: Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Red Line extension

From a recent e-mail from CTA

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is hosting a virtual and in-person public hearing to solicit public comments on the Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) and section 4(f) Evaluation. The Supplemental EA discloses design refinements to the project's Preferred Alignment and evaluates three project changes that have occurred since the publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2016. The project changes are 1) 130th Street station relocation, 2) 120th Street yard and shop refinement, and 3) 107th Place cross-over.
  • Virtual Public Hearing (via Zoom)
    Tuesday, February 15th
  • In-Person Public Hearing Thursday, February 17th
    The Salvation Army Kroc Center (1250 W. 119th St., Chicago, IL 60643)
Information regarding pre-registration and availability of the Supplemental EA and Section 4(f) Evaluation, to be made available ahead of the public hearings!

For additional information about the Red Line Extension Project, please visit the project website at, or please contact the project team at


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Is this even verifiable?

I became aware of this image being passed around if anyone can verify this please email this blog. It's up there with the urban legend about flashing headlights. Perhaps this message should be taken with a grain of salt.

It's a message from a police department, however, is it from the Chicago Police? Is this an alert from a particular city police district? Perhaps it comes from C.A.P.S.? What is its origin?