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Monday, September 26, 2022

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Resource Fair #Ward09

Ward 9 Ald. Anthony A. Beale in partnership with State Representatives Nicholas "Nick" Smith and Robert "Bob" Rita presents their 

9th Ward Resource Fair
Thur. October 27, 2022
From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Pullman Community Center
10355 S. Woodlawn

If you're looking for a shred event the flyer below says all documents will be destroyed on site. Any questions about this event I would refer you to the Ward 9 service office, contact info on the flyer. Or you can check out their ward service office webpage.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Frederick Walls for District 34 State Rep


[VIDEO] I just became aware of this candidate for state representative recently. He's a Republican who is running against incumbent Democrat state Rep. Nick Smith in the 34th District. You see what he is running on in this election. Mr. Walls holds very socially conservative views.

Here's a Q & A he did with the Kankakee Times as the 34th district goes into Kankakee County.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Whole Foods Market Englewood closing date set

 While this is a bit out of the scope of this blog, this is something that I covered often over at The Sixth Ward. From the time it was announced to the time it opened at 63rd & Halsted Streets, and now we know when Whole Foods Market Englewood will be closing.

According to Block Club Chicago it will be on November 13, 2022. From the time it was announced in the fall of 2013 it was heralded as an oasis in the food desert in Englewood to develop part of the old commercial district. One developer gave his take:

Leon Walker, the managing partner of DL3 Realty, which spearheaded the $20 million Englewood Square development, said in May the store was a success in encouraging other businesses to commit to the square, but it couldn’t perfect the “science of grocery” to create a store well-received with local customers.

Well there goes my own fantasy of seeing Whole Foods open a store in the Pullman/Roseland communities. Although Whole Foods does have a distribution facility on 111th Street near the Calumet err Bishop Ford Expressway.

Never been there? Well Devodare_Chicago on YouTube got you! [VIDEO]


Events for Thursday and Friday #Ward09

 Events taking place tomorrow Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022. These flyers are provided in a recent email blast by Ald. Anthony Beale.

Capitol Fax: About that SAFE-T Act meme…

 This below meme is getting around with regards to the SAFE-T Act which is recently making the rounds. Have you seen this meme on Facebook or Instagram.

Rich Miller discusses the misinformation regarding the SAFE-T act especially "non-detainable" offenses.

BTW, how many of you have heard of The Purge franchise? You may have seen the movies where in a future America a "holiday" was created where most crimes are legal for a period of up to 12 hrs. So I'm mentioning this because those who share the above meme would call this the "Purge Law"

Friday, September 9, 2022

CapFax: A false equivalence, but somebody should still probably pick up a phone

 The latest news reports are now that when the migrants from Texas arrive at Union Station they get sent to the suburbs such as Burr Ridge. The Mayor of Burr Ridge is upset about it. Not a lot communication whether it's from Texas to Illinois or even Chicago to those suburban towns that are affected.

Of course as always Capitol Fax gives some more in-depth coverage of this ongoing issue.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Cap Fax: Gov. Pritzker goes after Gov. of Texas

 This is related to the ongoing issue of Texas sending migrants from the Texas/Mexico border up to Chicago as one of America's "sanctuary" cities. Via Capitol Fax today.

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Since we're talking about 2023

 According to this Campaign Notebook post over at CapFax we see a couple of names.

Congressman Chuy Garcia and remember he ran against Rahm Emanuel in 2015 and forced a run-off that still resulted in a second term for Mayor Emanuel.

And we also have Pat Quinn. Remember him? He used to be the Governor of Illinois he's looking for a comeback. He tried to come back as an Attorney General of Illinois and fell short in a primary race to current AG Kwame Raoul.

Anyway those items and more over at Capitol Fax.

Ward 21 Ald. Howard Brookins retires


[VIDEO] Announced today joining another south side Alderman (or Alderwoman or Alderperson or Alder....yuck). Anyway he will be retiring from the Chicago City Council at the end of his term next year. Bear in mind that he attempted a run for Cook County Judge in the June 2022 primary and his ward has been redrawn. Ald. Brookins had been in office since 2003.

Also add to this news that 15 Alderman declined a 9.62% pay raise via Chicago Sun-Times.

Here's an updated list of this via CBS Chicago at least of those Alderman who will retire at the end of their terms and not counting those who have either been convicted in federal court, running for a higher officer, or even retired already:

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th), Ald. Harry Osterman (48th), Ald. James Cappleman (46th), and indicted Ald. Carrie Austin (34th) also plan to retire at the end of their terms next year.

And I must add Tom Tunney as mentioned in the Sun-Times article linked above is mulling a run against Mayor Lori Lightfoot joining fellow Aldermen Ray Lopez, Rod Sawyer,  and Sophia King in the 2023 mayoral election.

I suppose that next summer we will see a number of unfamiliar faces - and hopefully a new mayor - in the city council chambers at city hall. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

CBS 2: 13 members of the city council are leaving


[VIDEO] And more to come reportedly according to this report. The latest Alderman to announce she won't run for re-election is Ward 10 Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza. You can read more about it at Crain's.

You can check out this list also from Crain's in August the Alderman who are calling it quits, some are trying to attain higher office as three Alderman are looking to challenge Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Others are outright retiring also.

Portrayed as a mass exodus, I'd pay attention if half of the 50 members of the city council are leaving.

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Crain's: New hotel, grocery store pitched for Pullman #Ward09

 Some exciting projects coming to the far south side. Pullman could get a hotel and Altgeld Gardens - which is a long way from Pullman - could be getting a new grocery story.

Via Crain's Chicago Business

One year after the Pullman National Monument debuted as a hopeful tourist attraction, two developers have lined up plans to add a hotel for visitors and a grocery store for residents in the burgeoning area.

In one of two projects proposed in and around the far South Side neighborhood, a venture led by Chicago investor Andre Garner is seeking a city grant to help develop a 101-room Hampton by Hilton hotel at 111th Street and Doty Avenue, a few blocks east of the clock tower building that has been restored as a visitor center for the historic site. In the other, Cleveland-based grocery operator Yellow Banana has applied for the same grant to help it develop a Save A Lot supermarket immediately south of Pullman at 130th Street and Eberhardt Avenue.

Both developers have applied for $5 million in assistance through the Chicago Recovery Plan development grant program, according to a joint statement they issued with Ald. Anthony Beale, 9th. The grants are partially funded by local recovery money from the federal American Rescue Plan Act passed last year.

The plans could add to a series of developments in and near Pullman along Interstate 94, where the 180-acre former Ryerson Steel plant site has been transformed in recent years into a mixed-use campus, dubbed Pullman Park. The historic-but-disinvested property now includes a Method Soap factory that opened in 2015, a pair of greenhouses from produce grower Gotham Greens and a Whole Foods distribution center and an Amazon delivery center, among other new developments.

Read the whole thing. 


Capitol Fax: Texas governor expels migrants to Chicago

 Rich Miller discusses more about those migrants sent to Chicago from Texas on Wednesday. Statements form our political leaders and of course from Gov. Abbott in Texas.

My two cents is that this could add to the issues of Chicago.

CBS 2: Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends busload of migrants to Chicago


[VIDEO] More of a national news story, however, now it's beginning to affect the city adding to many of our city's other issues - especially crime. Gov. Abbott under the guise of being overwhelmed by the many border crossings by these migrants sent them to sanctuary cities such as Chicago.

What is a sanctuary city from

In general, a sanctuary city is a community with a policy, written or unwritten, that discourages local law enforcement from reporting the immigration status of individuals unless it involves investigation of a serious crime. These sanctuary communities go beyond cities, though. One can find entire counties and states declaring sanctuary status.

These communities typically do not honor requests by ICE to detain undocumented immigrants whom local agents apprehend for misdemeanor crimes or investigations. Many in sanctuary cities also refuse to deputize their local officers as federal agents, a necessary technicality if those local officers carry out the duties of ICE agents. There is no specific federal law against sanctuary city policies.

Let me add that others cities as New York City and Washington, DC that I know of had also recieved busloads of migrants fresh from the southern border. The mayors of both of those cities have expressed their own complaints.

Now it's Chicago's turn...