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Saturday, May 29, 2021

The mayor's office plan for a safe summer 2021

 The Mayor of Chicago seemed to have had a very rough time in office since taking over for Rahm Emanuel in 2019. And now she's unveiled the city's strategy to combat crime and violence during the summer of '21. Do you think she will be successful utilizing for example other city services such as our public libraries and Chicago's parks to give youth something to do this summer.

The graphic below posted to the Mayor's office ig shows which areas will be getting attention in the city. If you swipe for other graphics on that post, there's other information shared about the plan.

Sun-Times: Altgeld Gardens Commercial Building


Since I mentioned Altgeld Gardens a few days ago on this blog, I found this Sun-Times article on an architecturally significant building in that part of town called the Altgelt Gardens commercial building:

Monday, May 24, 2021

Driving around Chicago's Altgeld Gardens #Ward09


[VIDEO] Found this through the YouTube channel CharlieBo313 where he drives around urban neighborhoods throughout America. He's done more than a few videos in the Chicago area driving around inner-city neighborhoods and most recently he drove around the nearby suburb of Harvey, Illinois.

On this recent occasion he drives around the Altgeld Garden neighborhood which has been made famous because a young man named Barack Obama came here to be a community organizer. It's amazing to see how this neighborhood looks in 2021. Perhaps in the near future we'll see how it looks once the Red Line extension is in service.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Hasty Tasty Grill

 Found this in a fb group for Harlan High School alumni this building was said to be located east of Michigan Avenue on 95th Street. No indication of how long this business has been on operation, however, it was said that it was where the "coach buses" used to stop. So perhaps this was the old Trailways depot which is soon to become a food pantry?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

CBS Chicago: Workers at south side motor vehicle facility says coronavirus is rampant

[VIDEO] This is out of the Charles Chew Driver Services facility at 99th and King Drive, employees spoke to Jermont Terry hiding their identities over fear of retaliation from the Illinois Secretary of State:
The employees hid their identities, yet spoke out after receiving a letter dated May 1. It warns them someone tested positive for COVID-19 and they were possibly exposed.

“It’s kind of concerning – to not just myself, but everyone else – because we have families to go home to,” the first employee said.

That notice was the second in fewer than three weeks that the Secretary of State sent to employees about a positive case and the chance of exposure. But workers told CBS 2 there is no recommendation or mandate ever to get tested.

And if they do get a COVID test, they say they have to burn up sick time while waiting on the results.

Here's hoping they resolve this as hopefully this state will begin the process of returning to some semblance of normal. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Is ShotSpotter effective?

 For you Star Wars fans out there "May the 4th be with you"

Now in all seriousness here's something for those of you to discuss. Occasionally on @thesixthward twitter I may run across tweets that note "ShotSpotter" data. I don't really listen to police scanners, however, it seems as if ShotSpotter is noted in police communications.

So this morning over at The Capitol Fax there's a discussion over whether or not ShotSpotter is effective. Can it distinguish between a gunshot, fireworks, construction or even a car backfiring? The Mayor of Chicago is definitely behind using this technology and certainly the response time to check out a possible case of gunfire.

The next question that hopefully you might be able to answer at CapFax is whether or not you think ShotSpotter is effective?