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Friday, December 23, 2022

I hope you're all staying warm out there... #Chiberia

 Well, I'm glad there wasn't a lot of snow Thursday night. At the same time it was a beast to get around if the streets and expressways weren't clear.

The snow has given way to frigid temperatures as I look on my phone this morning at about 9:30 AM -5°F out there according to my Yahoo weather app. I hope you have heat at home, if not from Mayor Lori Lightfoot on twitter, there are warming centers out there for you.

Of course call 311 if you want more updated information on warming shelters.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

How are you preparing for the winter storm?


[VIDEO] This WGN report shows shoppers going to their local Pete's Fresh Market in Matteson to stock on food and supplies. I'm sure there could be a report on going to a hardware store picking up shovels, salt or snowmelt among other things to dig out of the snow.

Here's a report from NBC 5 about the snow storm. Of course I would recommend using a weather app on your phone - iPhone especially - I like to use the WGN weather app to check radar. Of course you can use it to check for weather forecasts also.

I hope you don't have to get out of the house once the storm hits of course save for having to go to work. :(

Also I'm hearing about very low temps, time to buy a new coat also. BRRR...

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Trains Are Awesome: Metra has a holiday train


[VIDEO] YouTube channel Trains Are Awesome shows the Holiday Train that runs on the Metra Electric line. We know about the CTA Holiday Train which is currently running through Christmas, but I never knew about a Metra Holiday Train which is chronicled here as Thom boards that train from Homewood to come into the Randolph Street station for gift bags and a hot chocolate from Starbuck's.

Here are some more details from Metra however note tickets are sold out, however, there's always next year now that you know. The train itself runs on three Saturdays this month and sadly today Dec. 17th is the last day it will run this month. So there's always next year if you want to check it out.

Happy holidays.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

CBS Chicago: City council approves funding for CTA Red Line extension


[VIDEO] Here are a few more details from Crain's, this TIF was noted in a recent CTA video about the future extension from 95th Street to 130th Street.

The City Council on Wednesday approved the creation of a new tax-increment financing district to create $950 million over three decades to help pay for the $3.6 billion extension of the Chicago Transit Authority's Red Line from 95th Street south to 130th Street.

“Our community has been disconnected” from the city, said Ald. Anthony Beale, 9th, whose Far South Side ward will be home to much of the extended rail line. Beale, who’s a frequent critic of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, thanked the mayor for pushing for the TIF to support the project.

The new TIF will capture future property tax growth within portions of five wards—the 3rd, 4th, 11th, 25th and downtown 42nd—to pay for land acquisition and other costs involved in the project.

The 5.6-mile extension plan also includes four new stations to be located at 103rd Street, 111th Street, Michigan Avenue (between 115th and 116th streets) and a new 130th Street terminal.

Anyone see the holiday train this year

[VIDEO] It ran on the red line over the past weekend and will be in service through Christmas and there is a holiday bus that will also be in service through Christmas. You can find a schedule for the holiday train and bus here.

Meanwhile you can check out what artistmac recording when the Holiday Train stopped at 47th Street on the red line recently. I do hope this raises your spirits this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

WBEZ: The other Michigan Ave in Roseland poised for a comeback

 I would like to see the shopping strip south of 111th Street at least get the attention it needs. From Chicago Public Radio:

Roseland is the last of the 10 communities targeted for redevelopment under the city’s ambitious INVEST South/West economic program; Michigan Avenue is a centerpiece. Compared to other neighborhoods struggling with vacant land, this part of Michigan Avenue has comparatively few – only 10 empty lots, according to my informal count.

The city owns three vacant lots in the vicinity, including the former Gately’s department store at the corner of 112th and Michigan. The city’s vision for that location is housing with retail stores. The planned CTA Red Line extension is a few blocks south near 116th and Michigan, and the city wants to develop the land next to it. And there’s a third vacant lot that was the site of a movie theater that Cox sees as a blank canvas.

Other elements of the city’s revitalization plan include affordable housing, transit-oriented development and retail connected to the emerging medical district anchored by the nearby Roseland Community Hospital. Normally when the city looks to redevelop land it owns, its department of planning and development, which Cox leads, puts out a request for proposals.

“We found that that was an unfair barrier for a lot of Black and brown developers,” Cox said. Instead Cox says the city is asking for a request of qualifications for Michigan Avenue. Developers and architects will then be matched up to create a joint venture. Those teams will each get a $20,000 to $30,000 stipend from a philanthropic foundation to pitch a proposal.

“We eliminate that barrier of smaller emerging developers from being able to compete and having to advance those dollars to come up with their proposals,” Cox said.

The community will hear the proposals by March 2023.

Read the whole thing. Perhaps this is something that those candidates running for Alderman in Ward 9 where this strip is located can express their ideas.

Oh and there is a theater in the neighborhood still standing waiting for redevelopment although if that vacant lot that once had a theater is the State Theater perhaps if they could make a good deal with the Post Office. 

Capitol Fax: Chicago poll shows crime and public safety far above any other issues for voters

A poll showing the standing amongst likely voters of the candidates running against incumbent Mayor Lightfoot also who do Chicago's likely voters view the crime issue. Is the crime issue important to them?

Monday, December 12, 2022

CTA Red Line extension project


[VIDEO] Obligatory update on the Red Line extension via CTA. The extension is moving forward towards securing funding. You see footage of Mayor Lightfoot announcing a TIF that would contribute towards building the Red Line extension to 130th Street. This was uploaded to CTAs YouTube channel two days ago.

We also see a concept of the new stations on the extension. Seems lofty to see at least in the distant future new residential development and a coffeeshop named for Makayla. Hmmm I seem cynical?

Well I like to see where some of these communities will be especially if projects like this come to fruition. Perhaps there will be a Makayla Coffeeshop in the community in the near future and hopefully other amenities beyond that. Wait I like the idea of a Roseland Coffee House, and right on the same lot where the old Coffee Pot restaurant used to be.

Another term that has come up in this video is equity. Equity in public transit and equity in as far as who gets contracts to build this new infrastructure.

My deal, however, is when will this project get the federal funding and go forward? 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Anyone having issues with CTA bus service?


[VIDEO] Are you experiencing issues with CTA bus services on the south side? 

According to this report from ABC 7 Chicago absenteeism is the reason why buses are delayed. Absenteeism out of the 77th Street garage are at 18% out of the 103th Street garage it's 17.6% however on the north side at North Park it's 10%. CTA has about 1000 vacancies for frontline positions with the majority of these open positions for bus drivers.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

CBSChicago: Lawsuit accuses Roseland Community Hospital, fired doctor of fraudulent billing


[VIDEO] A scandal at a far south side hospital. Roseland Hospital is at the center of a scandal where the hospital billed for coronavirus testing that was never provided. Jermont Terry reports on WBBM-TV.

Thursday, December 1, 2022

ICE Theaters policy trailer 2007 #tbt


[VIDEO] Today's Throwback Thursday we discuss the long gone ICE Theaters. In 1997 the company partnered with Cineplex Odeon to open three theaters two on the south side and one on the west side bringing movies back to underserved inner city neighborhoods. I used to enjoy going up to their theaters on 87th Street as opposed to going to the General Cinema (now AMC Theatres) at Ford City.

Eventually the company partnered with Marcus Theatres and later went independent and experienced a reversal in the fall of 2012 the company was evicted from their 87th Street location thanks to a dispute with a silent partner.

So ICE Chatham 14 became Chatham 14 Theatres which was later owned by the Texas company Studio Movie Grill and currently under the ownership of Michigan based Emangine Entertainment and the location is currently known as Cinema Chatham.

The location formerly located at 62nd & Western - if you're familiar with that area it's on the same lot that contained a Sears store has been demolished. The location in Lawndale near Kedzie & Roosevelt Rd (or 12th Street) was under the ownership of another company is currently vacant.

It's great to see this policy trailer preserved on YouTube you may have seen it in the community tab on @sixthward's YouTube Channel recently. I seen this enough times as a customer on 87th Street I always wondered if this would ever get updated.