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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chicago housing crisis...

Recently DNA Info did a story about living alone in Chicago. You can refer to this link to see where you can afford to live in apartments of varying amenities in this city. So is this city getting more and more expensive to live each year.

There for it leads me to this Chicagoist post which talks about a new development in the Cabrini Green area. You have to afford to live there now and especially at that proposed development. The final paragraph:
With Chicago in the midst of a housing crisis we can't help but see the promises of these luxury developments coinciding with the displacement of Chicago's working class and the hastening demise of its affordability for anyone making less than $72,000 a year (that's how much you'd have to make to reasonably afford a studio apartment at $1,825 a month, based on this popular rental formula).
Now it makes me wonder where are rents in this part of the city range. For those who want something affordable in a safe and good community would it still be out of reach for those looking for a place to live?