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Friday, December 31, 2021

Property Tax forum on January 12, 2022

You may have seen this in a recent email blast from Aldermen Beale's office. Refer to flyer below.


Thursday, December 23, 2021

Gately's & S.S. Kresge Co. in Roseland #tbt

I found and saved these two photographs from Roseland south of 111th Street and Michigan Avenue. I feel as if these are appropriate because we're in the Christmas season although tomorrow will be Christmas Eve. And of course these two photos don't show South Michigan Ave during Christmas time. 

Probably during much warmer weather. The dates for these photos are unknown perhaps they were taken in the 1960s or 70s. The Gately's store as many of you may know went out of business in the early 1980s. The building that once contained that store has since been demolished after a bad fire. I do believe the sign survived however as I write this no idea as to the whereabouts of that landmark.

As far as S.S. Kresge Company I don't know when that store closed its doors right next door to Gately's. I have found out that S.S. Kresge Co outlets ultimately became the Kmart chain. Do you remember Kmart? I do and many Kmart stores have closed in recent years. Perhaps you shopped at the one that was once located in Oak Lawn on 95th or a number of locations around the city.

I hope you enjoy this look back and I do wish you a Merry Christmas and hoping that you've had a very joyous holiday season.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

No porch pirates - or thieves who steal packages off your porch

 Worlee Glover at Concerned Citizens of Chatham offers these tips to ensure that packages and certainly Christmas presents will be in your hand in time for the holiday. 

If you're ordering through Amazon I would advise you to find an Amazon locker near you. Perhaps you might find one in the city parks or a Whole Foods Market near you or at an L station near you - example there's one at 95th Street now. Of course aside from allowing deliveries to be left on your porch at home there are other options highlighted in the below Concerned Citizens post.

Monday, December 6, 2021

Ward Remap 2021

 I wanted to share these maps with you to see the two proposals between the Chicago Coalition/Latino Caucus which is the map that Ald. Anthony Beale signed on to last week and then the Rules Committee/Black Caucus map that said Ald. Beale has an issue with.

Let's start with the City Council Rules Committee Map. I pointed out some geographical points to show what's where. West Chesterfield which is bounded by State to about 93rd Street to King Drive to 95th Street will be split between Wards 6 & 8. It's safe to say currently that area is in Ward 9 solidly.

Altgeld Gardens is drawn into Ward 10. Pullman which is a special concern for Ald. Beale appears to remain within Ward 9. Also where's Ward 34 well from what I've seen so far it's being drawn up near downtown. They pulled a Ward 2 on us this time around, in the last remap in 2011 they drew that ward out of the South Loop and drew it further north. As you see Ward 21 goes further south where 34 used to be and Ward 9 takes a little territory from 34 as well.

As for the Chicago Coalition map which is what Ald. Beale signed on with, especially as far as getting it up for a potential referendum next year. The only changes from the 2011 map is that Ward 6 is sent further west taking from 21 the Chatham Market mall and Simeon High School. Ward 21 again takes up most of what used to be Ward 34 and going further south. Ward 9 looks basically the same with Pullman and Altgeld Gardens with the boundaries and the ward goes all the way up to 87th Street between State and Cottage Grove.

We got basically two very different maps for this part of the south side. Perhaps some of you have your thoughts on these maps. Feel free to email us your thoughts it's in the sidebar.

Friday, December 3, 2021

CBS Chicago: City Council Rules Committee unveils their own draft ward map


[VIDEO] I haven't really covered that here on this blog but have delved into this in recent posts over at The Sixth Ward, perhaps you guys might want to talk about this there. I just felt it was necessary to share this blurb from WBBM-TV here on this blog.

I do want to share that Ald. Anthony Beale is unhappy with the politics of the map by the Rules Committee chaired by Ward 8 Ald. Michelle Harris. He was on WGN Radio a few days ago to talk about what's going on with the remap and how it affects him. Ald. Beale really wants to keep the Pullman area in his ward.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

#tbt Coffee Pot restaurant


Via Flickr

To be honest I hadn't thought about this site Flickr in years. This was a site for photographers to share their works. Of course it seems it has been supplanted by a number of sites as far as sharing photos such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

Sometimes it's just fun to see some of the items posted there, it's just amazing how advanced have propelled us from the old fashioned camera to a cameraphone.

I never thought I'd see a sign of the old Coffee Pot restaurant near 115th Street & Michigan Avenue. It was part of that mall that was demolished in 2006. And this area is very close to the future stop on the future CTA Red Line extension. Perhaps someone might decide to bring back another version of the Coffee Pot for future commuters.