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Friday, April 29, 2022

Chicago Mag: ‘This is the end of Chicago’ (Geographically)

Map of Hegewisch and nearby area 

From Ed McClelland at Chicago Magazine regarding the southeast side of Chicago.

To reach the southeasternmost corner of Chicago, you have to take bumpy, potholed Boy Scout Road out of Hegewisch, then turn onto a set of tracks belonging to the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad. With Powder Horn Lake to your right, follow the tracks between tall stands of reeds, still in their winter blondeness, toward a railyard where black tankers idle. Then turn onto a disused rail spur, weeds growing between its ties. Ahead, just across the state line, in Hammond, Indiana, are the rusted sheds of some long-abandoned industrial concern.

Chicago’s southern border is, perhaps, the wildest, most undeveloped part of the city, a hinterland that, in some places, looks more rural than urban, despite lying within the boundaries of America’s third-largest city. Like the nation’s southern frontier, it is a no-man’s land that crosses woods, lakes, rivers, and federal facilities off limits to the public. It would have made sense to set the southern city limits at the Little Calumet and Grand Calumet rivers. Instead of respecting natural boundaries, though, surveyors drew a straight line that corresponds with the middle of 138th Street and is often impossible to follow, even by bicycle or on foot. Last weekend, I tried, and, for most of its length, I failed.

After leaving the Belt Railroad yards, the city limits travel west across Powder Horn Lake and through Burnham Woods. I only had a bicycle, not a canoe or a machete, so I couldn’t paddle and bushwhack through those wild barriers. To pick up the line again, I pedaled south to the village of Burnham, and into the dirt alley behind 138th Place, a street of vinyl-sided workers’ cottages and a long-shuttered Old Style bar. Running along the north side of the alley is a fence entangled with vines — a border fence between the city and suburbs, as flimsy as any in the Sonoran Desert, barring the way to Mexico. On the other side is Chicago.

The alley dead ends near the south bank of the Grand Calumet River, the body of water that lends its name to the Calumet Region. From there, the city limits cross the confluence of the Grand and Little Calumets. When they hit land again, they slice through the northern tip of Burnham Park. A few square feet of that suburban park actually lies inside Chicago, although the village of Burnham still mows the grass. Such is what happens when man’s Euclidean determinations impose themselves on nature’s beguiling irregularities.

They go from about Altgeld Gardens which is contained within Ward 9 and further east into the area known as Hegewisch as you see in the above map. Read the whole thing.


Thursday, April 28, 2022

And speaking of the 2023 mayoral election - Mayor plans to run for re-election

Mayor Lori Lightfoot

I was actually hoping she wouldn't, being Mayor of Chicago is not an easy job. However she's just combative enough and willing to stand for re-election in 2023. Word from the Sun-Times earlier today.

One of her main city council critics Ward 15 Ald. Raymond Lopez is running next year and so is businessman Willie Wilson. Earlier today 5th District US Congressman Mike Quigley announced he won't run for mayor in 2023.

At this point the field is only beginning to form.

2023 elections

 I'm considering creating a 2023 elections page.

Next year in February we'll be voting for city council, city clerk, city treasurer, and mayor. Right now the city is of course focused on who's running for mayor.

Usually when I do these pages the focus is often on the Aldermanic election (or Alderperson still doesn't sound right). Thinking about throwing in the mayoral race for coverage and for the first time.

Today the news is out there that north side Congressman Mike Quigley is opting out of the 2023 mayoral race citing the ongoing Ukraine conflict. And so far who announced they're running is Ward 15 Ald. Raymond Lopez and the man responsible for these gas giveaways businessman Willie Wilson.

The current Mayor Lori Lightfoot has yet to announce she will seek re-election although it seems the signs are she might. When we hear about a re-election campaign the emphasis might be on her fundraising which the news is usually that it's not good.

Time will tell although the latest news about her right now is successfully pushing through the city council prepaid gas and CTA cards to address rising gas prices.

So anyway some feedback would be appreciated on this. For the purposes of this blog the 2023 election page will look at both those running for city council in Ward 9 and perhaps also those running for mayor of Chicago next year.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

CBS Chicago: Mayoral candidate Willie Wilson hosts third gas giveaway


[VIDEO] Here's what WBBM-TV shows as far as yesterday's Willie Wilson gas giveaway. Anyone out there participated in this? How long was the wait for you.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Another Willie Wilson gas giveaway coming

This week 2023 mayoral candidate Willie Wilson announced yet another $1 Million gas giveaway. As the last time if there are any updates I will share it with you all. This time he's separating out the city locations and the suburban locations. The closest station for the next giveaway is 111th & State Street on Saturday April 23, 2022.

Also you can follow Willie Wilson on his fb page and on Twitter.


State ends mask mandate on public transit

 I didn't update this when it happened, however, worth sharing for those of you who ride public transportation especially. CTA was still putting up tweets saying mask up until restrictions are lifted and then Gov. Pritzker lifted them on Tuesday the same two as the last two posts.

From the recent press release 
To align with the ending of the enforcement of the federal mask mandate on public transportation following a federal court ruling, Governor Pritzker today announced he will revise Illinois' executive order executive order lifting those requirements for the State of Illinois. As a result, masks will no longer be required on public transit, in public transit hubs, or in airports. Executive Order 2022-06 will be amended to reflect these changes. Local municipalities retain the right to establish their own mitigations, including masking requirements on public transportation.

I also want to add the most recent tweet from CTA on this subject 

From the NBC Chicago article you see where Midway and O'Hare stands with masks, Uber if you use that service, and for those of you who ride Metra & Pace masks are now optional there as well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

We're closer to a ward remap referendum

 I've haven't kept up with the ward remap issue. 

From WTTW, it seems we have another month for the Chicago City Council to agree on a new map or in the June 28, 2022 primaries the voters will have to choose a map for the first time since 1992. It seems the city council still isn't quite there to agree on a new map.

NBC Chicago: Are Masks Still Required on Chicago Public Transportation and at Airports?

This is for those of you who go to both Midway or O'Hare to travel. And definitely for those of you who depend on CTA, Metra, or Pace. Masks are still required at least until May 3, 2022 when you're free to go maskless or perhaps sooner who knows.

Here's a tweet from CTA.