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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Russ Stewart on the race for 9th Ward Alderman

Russ Stewart analyzes the races for Alderman in the south side wards and says the Mayor is going to send resources to his favored candidates. So this is what he says for the races in the 9th ward.
9th Ward (Far South Side): After losing a 2013 bid for Jesse Jackson’s congressional seat, incumbent Anthony Beale’s stature nosedived. He faces seven opponents, the most credible being Michael LaFargue. It will be Rahm to the rescue in a Beale-LaFargue runoff.
I will refer you to The Sixth Ward blog for a list of candidates for the 9th Ward.

ALSO, I have read Stewart over the years for his perspective on local politics. Only real political junkies would know of him since he doesn't write for a major paper. He's primarily a columnist for a community paper on the northwest side of Chicago.

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