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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A new sidewalk near the coming Whole Foods Market disribution center in Pullman

Last year I took a walk along 111th Street towards the Pullman Walmart store and noted the lack of a sidewalk. This was not long after the announced Whole Foods Distribution Center was unveiled. If you have plenty of workers - who may be taking public transportation - at a facility that is presumably 24/7 this spot isn't very accessible.
Photo taken in April 2016
Now with other amenities coming and plans for other warehouses to come to the former site of a steel mill near the site of the Walmart anchored shopping center near 111th/Doty we now get a sidewalk. No more stepping on mud or stepping into the street! I'm sorry that these pics were taken at dusk and that you get an east and west shot here.
Photos taken Sept. 2017
From this particular evening there are more photos to come which hopefully will be see on @thesixthward instagram account.

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