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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Woman defends herself at a bus stop in Fernwood #ChiMayor19

[VIDEO] Tuesday morning a woman was waiting for a bus near 103rd & Wallace and was forced to use her own conceal carry gun on a teenaged attacker. His attempt to claim a victim whatever his motives cost him his life. I don't like to read about the death of a teen, however, I'm glad that a woman had the wherewithal to not allow herself to be victimized.

You think someone like an Ed Burke - longtime Alderman of the 14th ward who was recently charged by federal authorities with extortion - cares whether or not you use a gun to protect yourself. Well it doesn't matter when federal authorities raided his offices they found 23 guns. Also bear in mind he usually had a police protection detail with him as well which he was stripped of once he resigned his powerful position as chair of the city council committee on finance.

Finally this is one of the more important issues in this year's mayoral campaign what you would've read on today's CapFax blog. An important issue for many Chicagoans, public safety.
Not to say everyone owning a gun will protect each and every citizen, however, citizens are concerned. Why not empower citizens to defend themselves in the absence of police.

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