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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Historic south side scenes #Ward09 #tbt

I just wanted to share these two shots with you from Vanished Chicagoland on ig. The first photo is of the 87th CTA train station from during the 1970s. Just north of 87th Street you'd see a Magikist sign and it was a landmark for a lot of us who drove on the Dan Ryan Expressway once upon a time. The sign and that company is now gone. We at least have this picture with a now retired 2200-series train set departing 87th.

This photo is further south on Michigan Ave and 114th Street. It's of a Hillman's Pure Foods (Hillman's also had a location within the old Sears store at 63rd & Halsted) store that formerly was located there with the address 33 E. 114th Street. The building itself is still there and perhaps one day I can head that way and snap a shot of it. Probably become a great location for another small grocery store in the future if it fits any company's needs.
You know I can use Google Streetview to show you that building still stands. Since I see it still is, now it causes me to wonder what's there now.

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