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Friday, January 28, 2022

Beale for Mayor?

 In a recent article from the Chicago Magazine with regards to the prospects of a re-election campaign for Mayor Lori Lightfoot a number of potential challengers for the Chicago mayor's office:

One Lightfoot rival is already trying to occupy that lane: Paul Vallas, who got 5 percent of the vote in 2019, and told Chicago he will consider a mayoral run “if the financial support is there.” Vallas has been attending “Back the Blue” rallies and calling police superintendent David Brown’s antiviolence strategy of dispatching a roving antigang unit to various parts of the city “an epic failure.” The Ogden & Fry poll showed Lightfoot losing to Vallas in a head-to-head matchup. It also showed the mayor losing to former education secretary Arne Duncan, Alderman Raymond Lopez, and Alderman Anthony Beale — all of whom have been discussed as potential candidates.

Well we have another few months before we find out about Mayor Lightfoot's plans for re-election. I'm thinking she might bow out after one difficult term with the crime rate and pandemic. Just bear in mind the mayoral race is next year in 2023.

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