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Thursday, April 28, 2022

2023 elections

 I'm considering creating a 2023 elections page.

Next year in February we'll be voting for city council, city clerk, city treasurer, and mayor. Right now the city is of course focused on who's running for mayor.

Usually when I do these pages the focus is often on the Aldermanic election (or Alderperson still doesn't sound right). Thinking about throwing in the mayoral race for coverage and for the first time.

Today the news is out there that north side Congressman Mike Quigley is opting out of the 2023 mayoral race citing the ongoing Ukraine conflict. And so far who announced they're running is Ward 15 Ald. Raymond Lopez and the man responsible for these gas giveaways businessman Willie Wilson.

The current Mayor Lori Lightfoot has yet to announce she will seek re-election although it seems the signs are she might. When we hear about a re-election campaign the emphasis might be on her fundraising which the news is usually that it's not good.

Time will tell although the latest news about her right now is successfully pushing through the city council prepaid gas and CTA cards to address rising gas prices.

So anyway some feedback would be appreciated on this. For the purposes of this blog the 2023 election page will look at both those running for city council in Ward 9 and perhaps also those running for mayor of Chicago next year.

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