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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

She's finally kicked off re-election campaign


[VIDEO] She's in! Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants a second term as Chicago's Mayor. And I got to admit this video was a valiant effort to own that many doesn't like her delivery - so at least she isn't that out of touch. On the other hand she wants voters to know she is a fighter.

Of course we won't be voting for any city office until February 2023 and the question for now is there anyone who has announced for mayor so far that you would vote for?

Of course as happens on the internet and we know she does have opposition, the below video noted a local TV news report that her approval ratings are under 30%. Of course it's meant to be somewhat funny and also showing how much they oppose Mayor Lightfoot. [VIDEO]

I like the clips they throw in from Clockwork Orange this YouTuber wanted to give the viewers the impression that this video hurts their eyes.

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