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Thursday, July 7, 2022

O'Reilly slams Gov. Pritzker: Thousands are dead because of you


[VIDEO] I don't know how many of you follow Bill O'Reilly, however, he discussed Gov. J.B. Pritzker on his program recently. Of course he starts with the Governor's comments in light of the incident in the north suburban city of Highland Park - seven now confirmed dead in that Fourth of July shooting there by that deranged soul.

Now of course what might be said among O'Reilly and a certain segment of the national media punditry, why all the attention by politicians on this relatively wealthy suburb when there is violence everyday in the low-income neighborhoods of Chicago that occasionally spills into downtown. This is why you see O'Reilly get a bit passionate over.

It would be nice if the Governor of Illinois or even the Mayor of Chicago took the issue of gun violence more seriously or even have a press conference on the scene as Pritzker did in Highland Park. And do far more than propose gun control measures or even tell the NRA to "leave us the hell alone".

Perhaps this is something state Sen. Darren Bailey - GOP nominee for Governor - could seize upon if he wants to campaign on law & order.

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