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Thursday, December 1, 2022

ICE Theaters policy trailer 2007 #tbt


[VIDEO] Today's Throwback Thursday we discuss the long gone ICE Theaters. In 1997 the company partnered with Cineplex Odeon to open three theaters two on the south side and one on the west side bringing movies back to underserved inner city neighborhoods. I used to enjoy going up to their theaters on 87th Street as opposed to going to the General Cinema (now AMC Theatres) at Ford City.

Eventually the company partnered with Marcus Theatres and later went independent and experienced a reversal in the fall of 2012 the company was evicted from their 87th Street location thanks to a dispute with a silent partner.

So ICE Chatham 14 became Chatham 14 Theatres which was later owned by the Texas company Studio Movie Grill and currently under the ownership of Michigan based Emangine Entertainment and the location is currently known as Cinema Chatham.

The location formerly located at 62nd & Western - if you're familiar with that area it's on the same lot that contained a Sears store has been demolished. The location in Lawndale near Kedzie & Roosevelt Rd (or 12th Street) was under the ownership of another company is currently vacant.

It's great to see this policy trailer preserved on YouTube you may have seen it in the community tab on @sixthward's YouTube Channel recently. I seen this enough times as a customer on 87th Street I always wondered if this would ever get updated.

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