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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Capitol Fax: Garcia to run TV ad quoting Vallas calling himself a Republican and saying “Fundamentally, I oppose abortion” #ChicagoElections

 Earlier in the year I had found a flyer possibly from Lori Lightfoot that accused Willie Wilson of being a Republican. However, we live in Chicago and this city is a Democratic city. For some perhaps uniformed voters it probably will cause many of them to veer away from the longtime city businessman and philathropist.

And then you get something like an ad from Congressman Chuy Garcia who is certainly favored to defeat incumbent Mayor Lori Lightfoot in this year's mayoral race. I'll share the video though I want to suggest reading up on the ad itself at CapFax before watching it. 

Basically in the ad below Garcia's campaign is taking aim at how former CPS CEO Paul Vallas identifies himself. Is he a Republican? I he pro-life? Well calling Vallas a Republican is a very easy swipe, however, the abortion issue will probably get someone's attention. However, I just wonder how relevant the abortion issue is to Chicago voters? [VIDEO]

The next question is whether or not the abortion issue is more relevant than the issue of crime or even education?

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