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Saturday, December 21, 2013

EveryBlock is coming back?

EveryBlock.com coming back?

Crossposted over at The Sixth Ward on Dec. 20, 2013. I miss this application that showed various data such as crime, permits, etc. There was a widget that was at various times shown either in the sidebar or on it's own dedicated page here (also on it's own dedicated page at The Sixth Ward called the "Blotter"). All the same I look forward to sharing data around both Bennett & Shedd schools even if Shedd is closed currently.

EveryBlock was shutdown back in February of this year by NBC News for whom they were a subsidiary. Now, NBC News' parent company Comcast is considering bringing it back and Chicago Grid even had the opportunity to see a non-public version of the site. It appears the site might be revived in Chicago first and then ulitmately expanded to other cities around the nation.

In light of it's abrupt closure earlier this year, there have been a number of sites who sought to fill the void EveryBlock left. Many have chosen this site, Nextdoor which is a lot more hyperlocal than EveryBlock was thanks to this idea of wanting more information out of the user when they join the site.

Well when EveryBlock returns I look forward to bring back the old Sixth Ward Blotter even if in the future it might need some tweaks for more coverage areas.

Find them on social media and let them know you're glad they're coming back in the near future.


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