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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Take the CTA Red Line from 95th to Howard street on YouTube

[VIDEO] Recently I discovered videos provided by CTA which provided real-time documentary footage of all routes of the L system. It's very interesting to see the trains on the various routes and the neighborhoods they roll through everyday during their daily services.

Also since we're in the middle of winter, it's nice to see Chicago during much warmer and sunnier weather as you will see here.

Anyway, since this is the "Shedd School" blog it was important to me to share this footage of the Red Line from 95th Street to Howard. During my time in elementary school often my weekends would consist of me following my mother downtown as she mostly went to the office to do some work. Even better these were the days when I could sit at the front of the train to watch the city roll by.

Of course as an aside the Red Line as we know it today didn't exist then as the train went up instead of into the subway near Cermak-Chinatown. You will see that when the train gets to that point where the train used to go upwards and at times they still do with reroutes.

This is a one-hour video as the train will move from the far south side to the far north side and will roll through the subway under State Street. And again it's really cool to see where the Red Line heads north from 95th Street. 

Even better when you get downtown, Fullerton, Belmont, and Howard you will have the opportunity to change/transfer trains and see where those other rail lines go after you reach those change/transfer points. So this is really cool and an adventure that worth taking, especially if you don't really leave the neighborhood.

BTW, for greater enjoyment you should put the video into theater mode or if you're on a PC full screen - those are the buttons you see in the play/time area. Also in that area is what looks like a gear set it to HD either 720 HD or 1080 HD. If you use a smartphone you can probably just turn your phone from vertical to horizontal and it will be on full screen.
Enjoy! And click here for a Red Line map to see which stops the train makes during this hour video.

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