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Friday, September 13, 2019

CPS employee on paid suspension as school district continues investigation

[VIDEO] This story is semi-related to this morning's post. Although in this case the allegations against Dan Williams more or less involves physical contact due to a scuffle at an elementary school as opposed to any sexual assault allegations that have been plaguing the school district in general which was mentioned in this CBS 2 report.

As we should take allegations of any misconduct especially involving students very seriously there should be "due process" for the accused. For Mr. Williams as another agency separate from CPS had investigated and essentially cleared him of any wrongdoing, CPS continues to keep him on a paid suspension.

The operative question here is what is taking CPS' office of inspector general so long to investigate cases like Williams? Meanwhile in his case he gets to play with his dog on a Chicago beach while getting paid as he hopes to return to work.

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