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Thursday, September 19, 2019

#TBT Teacher's strikes

I'm sharing two videos of past actions that involves Chicago's teachers. We can start with September 2012 with the Teacher's strike. I recorded this on my iPhone back then when the teachers were marching in downtown Chicago. I was probably walking along Jackson Boulevard near LaSalle Street back then.

I wrote for the YouTube description that I had no real idea how to use the camera on my phone so this video does have "vertical video syndrome" [VIDEO]

This other video also shot on my iPhone took place in spring 2016 and was on Michigan Avenue south of 95th Street. These demonstrators were just leaving nearby Harlan High School. While the 2012 strike seems to identify as major combatants then Mayor Rahm Emanuel and then CTU President Karen Lewis, these demonstrators were railing against then IL Governor Bruce Rauner. I'm sure in 2018 they got their wish and Rauner after one ineffective term was bounced right out of the governor's mansion in Springfield, Illinois. [VIDEO]
I really wanted to share with you the hilarious Vertical Video Syndrome as hilarious as it was the first time I saw it. It was made more hilarious with the "muppets" 😛

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