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Friday, October 25, 2019

Chicago Teacher's strike updates

I haven't done a great job at keeping up with the strike so far on this blog. Classes have been cancelled all week for CPS students due to this impasse between the city and the teacher's union. Here are some items that might interest you from during the week via CapFax.

This first item from earlier this week involved the negotiations between the Mayor and the teachers. Funny thing about this is the notion that if you want to frustrate the process just bring more people to the table. Main thing is there is a real strategy to doing so if you know the other side has something to lose in this.
This other item is from yesterday which aside from any mention of civil disobedience training also notes that there is some progress in recent negotiations. Perhaps students will be able to return to class soon, although it appears that student athletes who hope to go the their respective playoffs might have lost that opportunity.
Also in noting the title of that last post, some state politicians and city alderman have sided with the teacher's union publicly. It is hardly of any surprise that this needs to be a consideration, especially if the mayor has something to lose if this strike drags on and could affect her objectives with the General Assembly in Springfield.

Finally here are a couple of Instagram posts shared on Thursday from CPS with regards to their teachers union offer.
This other post is a video

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