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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Business Insider: How Long Will Social Distancing Last? #COVID19

[VIDEO] The purpose of social distancing is to flatten the curve and to help out our hospitals. It's to insure that our hospitals won't get overwhelmed with many cases of coronavirus, especially serious cases. Another aspect of this is to slow down the spread of this virus and many sporting events have been suspended or otherwise delayed until later.

Think about these events will be delayed or canceled

  • NBA Playoffs (Regular Season Suspended)
  • NHL Playoffs (Regular season suspended)
  • NCAA March Madness (Canceled)
  • 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games (Postponed) 
  • MLB season (Postponed indefinitely)
  • Indianapolis 500 (Postponed until September)
  • Kentucky Derby (Postponed until September)
Also noted in this video are the stay-at-home orders. It appears indefinitely in states like New York & California. In Illinois it's schedule to end April 7, 2020. Of course other states have enacted stay-at-home orders since then.

Whatever the medical professionals are trying to stem this pandemic, I hope social distancing and other efforts will make this coronavirus a memory.

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