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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

No one should ever go hungry...

[VIDEO] If I ever come upon a significant amount of cash, one thing I would like to do is donate money to a food bank. I do believe barring anything else, everyone should be able to eat. And I wish I had shared this earlier in the pandemic once the nation started these lockdowns.

Going downtown every now and then you find someone begging for money to eat or asking for food. And it seems as if they have no excuse if there are soup kitchens or food pantries available so that if you're hungry you can eat. No need to beg you will be provided for.

So this is why I'm sharing this video. YouTuber Mr. Beast aka Jimmy Donaldson does a number of outrageous videos and occasionally gives away money to people in challenges. There was one video where he took over a closed bank branch and gave away free money. Of course let me emphasize many of his videos shows a young man having a lot of fun with his friends.
Of course as a young man with over 42 million subscribers he's not doing too bad for himself. And from his activities, he's done well enough to provide over $1 million dollars of food to North Carolina - his home state - food banks.

I actually wrote this blog back in August and I'm sharing this again thanks to this ig post from WGN. Here's your chance to donate something to a food bank. This is why I'm sharing this video with you now.
And it hits me that Thanksgiving is coming up soon. This is a great time as we head into the holiday season to donate to a food bank.

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