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Sunday, April 4, 2021

What if there was still a Lake/Dan Ryan line


[VIDEO] Before 1993 trains from 95th Street were instead routed towards the west side through the Loop elevated. After passing through the Loop trains continued west along the Lake Street elevated tracks where the line terminated at Harlem/Lake in Oak Park, Illinois. Basically image the Dan Ryan route from 95th to Cermak/Chinatown (or 22nd Street) being the CTA Green Line which still has Harlem/Lake as its western most terminal now.

What if CTA had never created the CTA Red Line and Green Line as we know it today - after 1993 - and trains from 95th still goes west to Harlem/Lake. And what if the automated announcements we're familiar with on CTA trains reflected this. Well from Chicagoland Transit youtube channel they have created such announcements.

Something I hope you transit aficionados who read this blog will appreciate.

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