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Friday, December 3, 2021

CBS Chicago: City Council Rules Committee unveils their own draft ward map


[VIDEO] I haven't really covered that here on this blog but have delved into this in recent posts over at The Sixth Ward, perhaps you guys might want to talk about this there. I just felt it was necessary to share this blurb from WBBM-TV here on this blog.

I do want to share that Ald. Anthony Beale is unhappy with the politics of the map by the Rules Committee chaired by Ward 8 Ald. Michelle Harris. He was on WGN Radio a few days ago to talk about what's going on with the remap and how it affects him. Ald. Beale really wants to keep the Pullman area in his ward.

Ald. Beale has sided with the City Council Latino Caucus who has unveiled their own draft map which is referred to as the Chicago Coalition map. Reading some comments made in the Chicago Crusader and also based upon his appearance on WGN Radio, Ald. Beale believes that the chairman of the Black Caucus  - Ald. Jason Ervin (Ward 28) - has kept Beale out of talks within the Black Caucus because of his opposition with Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Before the Rules Committee canceled its plans to vote on the map, Alderman Beale, in an interview with WGN 720 Radio, said he was trying to enter a room where talks were being held when Alderman Ervin stopped him from entering.

“I was told that I could not go in the room with the Black Caucus by the chairman of the Black Caucus,” Alderman Beale said. “I know where that came from, and I know he’s doing that on behalf of the mayor because there are certain people in this process that are constantly trying to be heard.”

A critic of Mayor Lightfoot, Alderman Beale believes his ward is under attack.

When WGN 720 Radio asked him, “So, they’re trying to draw you out?” Alderman Beale responded, “Absolutely. They’re trying to take the Pullman area out of my community. They’re trying to take all the best housing stock out of my community and all these things were done without talking with me and working with me, and so I went and saw there was a coalition of people. And I went to join the coalition because I have to do what’s right for my community and fight for my community.”

In a brief interview with the Crusader, Beale reaffirmed his move to the Latino Caucus came when learned that he was being allegedly shut out of the remap talks by the Black Caucus.

“I knew I was being dismissed when I was being denied access by Ervin and the Rules Committee,” he said.

What's next was that Ald. Beale joined with the Latino Caucus and filed a map with the city clerk in preparation for a referendum in June 2021 - next year where Chicago voters get to choose a ward map. As you hear in the report above the city council didn't approve a ward map on December 1st and that means it's up to voters to approve a map. However from the many reports I've seen negotiations will continue all that was done yesterday was that the Chicago Coalition has filed a petition to allow voters to choose a map although that doesn't bar continuing negotiations.

Here's a pic of Ald. Beale with Ald. Tabares speaking at a press conference at City Hall

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