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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Capitol Fax: The Willie Wilson gas giveaway should be a wakeup call

 You may have heard about this all on the news yesterday and he'll do it all again March 31, 2022. We know among other economic news nationally gas prices have been going up and the situation in Ukraine is part of it. People are hurting and former Chicago mayoral candidate Willie Wilson is attempting to help the people who are hurting from free gas prices.

From Rich Miller's post today: "The Democrats at the national, state and local levels ought to pay close attention to this reaction to Wilson’s offer."

Here's a news story about this [VIDEO]

And I found a flyer at Concerned Citizens of Chatham which shows a few south side locations one on Stony Island, another on east 95th and yet another on south Halsted.
Anyone out there take part in this giveaway? Comments will now be opened.

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