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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

CapFax: Please don't screw this up

 Rich Miller shared his recent syndicated column on the Capitol Fax blog today. BTW, I hope you all had a very happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

Well the gist of this column is regards to the issue of crime and of course as you all know eyes are on the city of Chicago and the gun violence that's been making the news. And we have a sitting Democrat Governor running for re-election for whom the crime issue could become a major problem.

I don't know how many readers of this blog may view the crime issue however the headlines are mostly talking about gas prices, inflation, or even the prices for items at your local grocery store. However many of us might be worried about a carjacking and certainly the issue of roving gangs doing smash and grabs.

How many of you view crime as a major issue in this year's elections?

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