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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Flyers for #Ward09 #ChicagoElections

 So far I haven't received any flyers from Cameron Barnes - whom I could call a very young upstart in this race. However I have two from Cleopatra Draper and three from incumbent Alderman Anthony Beale.

Let's start with Draper. She's hitting the incumbent Alderman Beale over a lack of grocery stores in the area. And I'm sure Beale will note the new grocery store coming to the Altgeld Gardens area and then let's not forget about Walmart which has a grocery section. 

The second flyer notes Beale's inaction on the issues of abandoned homes and closed businesses. We see more of Drapers bullet points to improve the 9th Ward. Basically Beale has been in office for 24 years and he has little to show for it. Do you agree?

And now we move onto Ald. Beale who has been in office since 1999. It's safe to say as a longtime incumbent he definitely will tout what he has accomplished say over the last four years.

Of course what's going to be mentioned or see is the new housing in Pullman, the Amazon warehouse, the Pullman National Park or even the Culver's. You also see the Red Line extension funding listed as an accomplishment. The Pullman Community Center the Method and Gotham Greens facilities.

This last one here he's touting his endorsement by Gov. J.B. Pritzker. He did endorse a number of city council candidates for the February 28, 2023 election. Does the Governor's endorsement sway your vote in anyway?

Oh yeah and let's not forget Ald. Beale is ensuring you all know his punch number! And Cleopatra had her punch number on only one of her flyers.

If anything comes from Cameron Barnes I will be sure to share it with you all and if you have a flyer different from these from any candidate for 9th Ward Alderman please email me. The address is located in the sidebar up top.

The media is letting us know that early voting has expanded to all 50 ward starting on Monday Feb. 13th and we just arrived at two weeks before the city elections on February 28th.

Any forums or events featuring and candidates for both 9th Ward Alderman (nope not Alderperson that's just atrocious) and for Mayor I will continue to feature here. If you have any knowledge of any events involving 9th Ward candidates or anything about them in the media feel free to send them via email or you can hit the twitter @thesixthward.

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