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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

So Lightfoot doesn't want people to vote? #ChiMayor23

 So at a rally over the past weekend the Mayor said that you shouldn't vote. Wait did we hear correctly? Well WLS-TV did the story on this. We can listen for ourselves. [VIDEO]

And then this morning some blowback as we've seen on WFLD-TV. So let's put this in text form she stated any votes not for Lightfoot from the South Side is a vote for Garcia and Vallas. And if you want them to determine your fate then don't vote and stay home. It's all about the soundbites. 

She must be worried about those two gents, but not as much about Brandon Johnson whom she has cut ads against. Anyway on to the FOX 32 report [VIDEO]

OK! She misspoke....I suppose I can accept that. Now it's just more evidence that her leadership is very undiplomatic.

One thing is likely talked about. The number of Black candidates in the race could dilute the Black vote and lead to either Congressman Garcia or Vallas to possibly win the mayoral race. Though I'm hoping that Chicagoans will not vote according to their race/ethnicity they vote for the best person to be mayor.

As of today we have a week to go before Election Day. Early voting will continue through next Monday. As you see in the FOX 32 report Mayor Lightfoot and her significant other had voted early on President's Day. Have you voted yet?

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