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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

4th of July violence

 To be honest I don't really want to add to the perception that Chicago is a dangerous place. Late last month a group of teens converged in the north side's Lakeview neighborhood and the stories became that neighborhood was destroyed. I'm sure there was damages to property whether a car, a bus or a storefront that was a bit of a stretch. Though behavior that resulted in property damages or any injuries or concern for safety is unacceptable.

So anyway, I want to share a couple of videos with regards to the 4th of July violence and we can start with WGN which reported 61 shot with 15 fatal over the past holiday weekend. [VIDEO]

So a lot of this violence involves the youth. Presumably the youth under the age of 18 and the question asked in the above WGN video by some Youth Advocates is whether or not the violence is a result of them having nothing to do during the summer months.

Here's another video from ABC 7 regarding a ruckus that took place in Englewood. There were shootings - no number from what I could tell but several were reported shot - and as you see in the story itself police tried to break up a fight in the streets. Whatever happened at this neighborhood party it was only earlier this morning that they broke it up. [VIDEO]

In the above WLS story it was reported by the Chicago Police that 20 were shot and 2 of those shootings were fatal on the 4th of July. And there will be a police press conference to discuss this and the police reports this afternoon. I'm sure that will be streamed online once that commences.

I won't further pontificate on how dangerous or not our city is, though I will hope your 4th of July holidays is a relaxing and safe one for you.

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