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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Best wishes to WGN's Tom Skilling


[VIDEO] I'm sorry I didn't tune in tonight for the longtime Channel 9 meterologist Tom Skilling. On Wednesday night he signed off for the last time on Channel 9 and soon we'll be seeing more of Demetrious Ivory giving us our nightly weather updates.

It's sad to see longtime personalities move on from their most familiar roles. I want to wish Skilling the best in his retirement. He will be missed.

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EDIT: This is about Tom Skilling if you're a fan find him at

Friday, September 9, 2022

CapFax: A false equivalence, but somebody should still probably pick up a phone

 The latest news reports are now that when the migrants from Texas arrive at Union Station they get sent to the suburbs such as Burr Ridge. The Mayor of Burr Ridge is upset about it. Not a lot communication whether it's from Texas to Illinois or even Chicago to those suburban towns that are affected.

Of course as always Capitol Fax gives some more in-depth coverage of this ongoing issue.