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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Brandon Johnson Mayor-elect #ChiMayor23


[VIDEO] Well as a casual observer Paul Vallas seemed to be very good on policy issues. Brandon Johnson was said to be a very good talker. 

Johnson had to answer for his comments with regards to "defund police" and Vallas had to answer for being a Republican.

Vallas was the top vote getter on February 28th and it seems polls favored him initially and then it seems Johnson seemed to gain some traction. Now he notes that the outgoing Mayor stated that he couldn't win and guess what he did tonight?

I didn't expect Vallas to concede, perhaps he'd wait for the mail in vote to be counted - it wouldn't have been counted tonight anyway. Of course that means that the numbers would have to justify Vallas holding out for all votes to be counted. And Vallas noting the division in the city, just decided to concede and move forward which is certainly necessary.

Well time to move forward a lot of serious issues that requires serious attention. Here's hoping we solve most of those issues in the next four years.