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Thursday, September 1, 2022

CBS 2: Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends busload of migrants to Chicago


[VIDEO] More of a national news story, however, now it's beginning to affect the city adding to many of our city's other issues - especially crime. Gov. Abbott under the guise of being overwhelmed by the many border crossings by these migrants sent them to sanctuary cities such as Chicago.

What is a sanctuary city from

In general, a sanctuary city is a community with a policy, written or unwritten, that discourages local law enforcement from reporting the immigration status of individuals unless it involves investigation of a serious crime. These sanctuary communities go beyond cities, though. One can find entire counties and states declaring sanctuary status.

These communities typically do not honor requests by ICE to detain undocumented immigrants whom local agents apprehend for misdemeanor crimes or investigations. Many in sanctuary cities also refuse to deputize their local officers as federal agents, a necessary technicality if those local officers carry out the duties of ICE agents. There is no specific federal law against sanctuary city policies.

Let me add that others cities as New York City and Washington, DC that I know of had also recieved busloads of migrants fresh from the southern border. The mayors of both of those cities have expressed their own complaints.

Now it's Chicago's turn...