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Monday, December 8, 2014

CTA holiday bus and train...

Via Transit Chicago
Over at The Sixth Ward blogger JP Paulus posted some times when the CTA holiday bus would be on the south side. So the holiday bus will be running along the #3 King Drive bus starting at Chicago State University on December 9th. The holiday bus also ran on the #3 on Dec. 6th.

Also if you want to head to the bus terminal near 79th/Western the holiday bus will also run on Dec. 23rd. That's two days before Christmas Day. Here are scheduled runs on select bus routes throughout the city until the 23rd.
Via cta web/flickr

The holiday bus has been preceded by the CTA holiday train you can see a schedule of where you will see the train for this holiday season. The holiday train will be running on Dec. 16, 18, 20, and 22. The last run of the holiday train will be on Dec. 23 on the yellow line two days before Christmas Day.

Since JP has two young children he enjoys bringing them to the holiday bus and trains and have often done blog posts and pictures for that purpose. Hopefully you will do the same for your children.

BTW, I think it's time to start talking up the CTA Red Line extension so that one day in the future the holiday train can go as far south as Altgeld Garden!

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