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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Documentary of violent crime in Roseland

[VIDEO] Saw this video over at John Ruberry's Marathon Pundit. Ruberry though he's a suburbanite today has roots in the Roseland community.

All the same this documentary produced by Victor J. Maggio - and I would like to see his statistics - lists Roseland as the 8th most violent neighborhood in Chicago. He breaks down the history of Roseland and how it's a wonderful community with such violence. 

The description for this video:
The Roseland neighborhood is home to the Lowden Projects, the wild 100s.

The Roseland neighborhood by far has one of the best outward physical appearances then most of the other top ten neighborhoods.

Roseland has a decent economic base, good homes and schools, this goes against all the usual arguments of why violence is happening in this neighborhood.
He mentions a number of incidents that take place in the areas north of 95th Street and I'm sure some of you reading this blog might be offended by being lumped in with Roseland. So allow me to share a map with you below which is of the Roseland Community area which is a larger area than of what's considered the Roseland neighborhood further south. So another reason why I want to have a map to reference for your benefit.
Roseland community area
This video does especially mention the murder last year of a Cook County Judge at his home in West Chesterfield. Also mentioned is the murder of a man who owned a non-profit on 95th Street. Eye opening video. Another mention are the Lowden Homes that are west of the Dan Ryan on 95th near Wentworth, cited as the source of these crimes.

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