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Thursday, June 18, 2020

CapFax: CTU slammed for “clearly racist” tweet

I found out about this tweet from the Chicago Teacher's Union at Capitol Fax today. He's noted what if Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police had tweeted this out. And I'm guessing the police would be universally condemned for this.
EDIT 7:53 PM: That tweet has since been taken down so therefore I was prepared with this below screencap. 

Rich Miller further notes: "According to Chalkbeat, more than half of Chicago public school teachers are white. The CTU’s president is a wealthy white man."

Bad optics on all fronts. I get that the CTU and Mayor Lightfoot had been at odds since the strike late last year. However, this seems very incendiary. Further more I'm glad the mayor had a response to this noting what the response would've been if a right wing group had put this out. The condemnation should be no less if it was police, right-wingers, or even the teachers.
She's been taking a beating for her response to the unrest, however, she's not wrong in her comments.

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