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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

When your city is turning into a ghost town? #ChicagoElections


[VIDEO] I suppose this is a quick meme about Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the state of Chicago. The Mayor says the business climate of the city is great, yet we hear about the city losing businesses.

The most recent news is the Old Navy on State & Randolph is closing. I remember that it was home to a Borders Books up until the company went bankrupt in the early 2010s. And Old Navy used the have the store one block south on State & Washington which was briefly a Gap and now is home to another retailer Primark.

And now Old Navy is leaving State Street entirely. Worse still there are a number of empty storefronts along State Street. Just look further south beyond Monroe Street at least. I was shocked to see after the riots downtown in 2020 - after George Floyd's death - that a Foot Locker store closer to the DePaul University Campus near Adams & State had closed down.

The issue is crime. It's shocking to see police with their flashing blue lights sitting on the streets in and near downtown Chicago basically there as a presence. It was true during the unrest of 2020 and it's true even now just go up and down Michigan Avenue at night.

You know I must say I wanted Rahm Emanuel to go in 2019, well he stands down and is replaced by Mayor Lightfoot. Right now, he looks like a better mayor compared to Lightfoot as he is now Ambassador Emanuel in Japan. While it's a bit early to say, how many people could say that about Mayor Lightfoot?

BTW, with the above video I like the Marvel Comics Antman references.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Capitol Fax: About that SAFE-T Act meme…

 This below meme is getting around with regards to the SAFE-T Act which is recently making the rounds. Have you seen this meme on Facebook or Instagram.

Rich Miller discusses the misinformation regarding the SAFE-T act especially "non-detainable" offenses.

BTW, how many of you have heard of The Purge franchise? You may have seen the movies where in a future America a "holiday" was created where most crimes are legal for a period of up to 12 hrs. So I'm mentioning this because those who share the above meme would call this the "Purge Law"

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Is this even verifiable?

I became aware of this image being passed around if anyone can verify this please email this blog. It's up there with the urban legend about flashing headlights. Perhaps this message should be taken with a grain of salt.

It's a message from a police department, however, is it from the Chicago Police? Is this an alert from a particular city police district? Perhaps it comes from C.A.P.S.? What is its origin?

Thursday, June 18, 2020

CapFax: CTU slammed for “clearly racist” tweet

I found out about this tweet from the Chicago Teacher's Union at Capitol Fax today. He's noted what if Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police had tweeted this out. And I'm guessing the police would be universally condemned for this.
EDIT 7:53 PM: That tweet has since been taken down so therefore I was prepared with this below screencap. 

Rich Miller further notes: "According to Chalkbeat, more than half of Chicago public school teachers are white. The CTU’s president is a wealthy white man."

Bad optics on all fronts. I get that the CTU and Mayor Lightfoot had been at odds since the strike late last year. However, this seems very incendiary. Further more I'm glad the mayor had a response to this noting what the response would've been if a right wing group had put this out. The condemnation should be no less if it was police, right-wingers, or even the teachers.
She's been taking a beating for her response to the unrest, however, she's not wrong in her comments.