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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Can't wait to see this new train on the red line extension


[VIDEO] This video was shot in October on the north side showing a test run of the future 7000-series cars that will soon be running on the Chicago L. And in spite of the title, perhaps we'll see this train running on the CTA long before construction begins on the red line extension that is still being discussed.

The horn is different as it sounds like a real horn, younger generations of Chicagoans have heard horns from trains that sound more electronic. And the design is certainly much different almost reminiscent of the old 2000-series, 2200-series or even the 2400-series (especially the colored front ends).

Another quick note according to the 7000-series page at these cars are being manufactured at a plant on 111th & Cottage Grove right in Pullman. The 2000-series cars were also constructed there in 1964, the last L cars to be constructed in Chicago.

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