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Monday, October 28, 2019

Capitol Fax: Must-see CPS strike videos

[VIDEO] The first video you see above was shared Friday on CapFax is of strike teacher's mocking Michael Jackson's thriller. I' giving them credit for making this strike entertaining at least. That video among other teacher's strike fun.

Monday, December 3, 2018

#Chicagoist TV exclusive: Elderly Alderman #Ward09 #ElectCleopatra #Aldertrack #twill

[VIDEO] At this point, this video is really old news though I will share it again anyway.

Chance the Rapper is the owner of the late blog Chicagoist (operations shut down by the Ricketts family that also owned DNA Info) and this video is something of a shot across the bow. While this vid is a humorous take on Chicago politics or more specifically on Chicago's city council there is a more serious purpose to it.

As you see in the man-on-the-street portions of this 15 min video, you find out that not many people know what their alderman does. Unfortunately this isn't entirely uncommon a lot of people don't understand different aspects of the political system of this nation. And the worst part is that city government is the closest layer of government to the people.

All the same you see Chance in character as Champ Bennett the reporter on the street for Chicagoist who also speaks with 51st Ward Alderman Al Duhrman (see what they did there?) who himself is played by comedian Hannibal Buress. Duhrman I would imagine is the general stereotype people may have of a Chicago alderman - and mostly those who live outside of the city who's been observing Chicago politics.

Pay attention to those candidates running for Alderman in this one. One of those candidates is from the 9th ward named Cleopatra Watson. Most of those candidates are discussing the various barriers to entry for an upstart candidate to even start the process of running for office in Chicago.

What do you think of Chance's most recent presentation?