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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bronzeville Children's Museum set to open in new home

"Kids this age learn from interaction," said mother Teri Montes, daughter-in-law of Peggy Montes. "So I could read them a book about African-American history, but it won't mean anything."

But when her 5-year-old twins walk into a play hospital, touch a replica of a human heart and then learn about the first African-American doctors, it's a whole different story, said Teri Montes.

Though never located in Bronzeville, the museum, at 9301 S. Stony Island Ave., is named for the tony black Chicago neighborhood, where the first African-Americans were said to settle in the city. The facility would have celebrated its 10-year anniversary this year at its Evergreen Park location, but it decided to move because of to space constraints, Peggy Montes said.
A place to take your children but without having to take them to the Chicago Children's Museum downtown.