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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Curbed Cup final Loop vs. Pullman

Hotel Florence Pullman
Crossposted to The Sixth Ward where as of this posting I see that Pullman has edged out the Loop for the 2015 Curbed Cup. Unfortunately due to the holiday we probably won't see a formal announcement until Monday hopefully. Happy new years to you all!

Pullman advances and you have until tomorrow night on New Year's even to cast your vote for the neighborhood of the year over at CurbedChicago. Hopefully you're vote will be for the Pullman neighborhood which has had quite a year in 2015.
the Pullman neighborhood on the city's far south side has had a huge year. Its historic district has become the first national monument in Chicago and there's even growing support for a full blown national park campus. Pullman also welcomed the first new factory to open on Chicago's south side in three decades. The colorful factory is not only generating much needed revenue for the neighborhood, but it has also set a very high bar for other companies when it comes to being environmentally friendly.
To be sure I like the loop but home for me is the South Side and it's a no brainer that this part of town would get my vote. Hopefully Pullman is back again for the Curbed Cup in 2016.

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