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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

CTA Red Line extension project #RLEReady #Ward09

[VIDEO] CTA has a new video out about the CTA Red Line extension that is still being planned that takes the Red Line further south into Roseland and Altgeld Gardens where the final destination is 130th Street. The next critical phase for this ambitious project is construction which is expected to cost $2.3 billion half of that would come from federal funding and the rest from non-federal funding i.e from the city of Chicago, state of Illinois and/or even CTA itself.

I like these renderings of the various stops on the southbound Red Line extensions.
Let's start with 130th not much to be seen here though. They note this stop will be right at Altgeld Garden

Here's Michigan Avenue

Here's 111th Street

And here's 103rd Street

All of these locations look very different don't they. They assume there will be some new development around those stations. I definitely wouldn't mind that new L station on Michigan Ave helping to develop that vacant lot on the corner of 115th & Michigan. It's a long time in coming if that happens as it's been vacant since the mall had been demolished there during the 2000s.

If you got a plan for a "Roseland Coffee Shop" start creating your business plan right now! Don't wait for this L route to be built! Whatever businesses would come to this area, they need to start planning now.

Meanwhile, here's hoping even in these uncertain times that this new L route will come through and be built before the end of this decade.

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