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Monday, December 12, 2022

CTA Red Line extension project


[VIDEO] Obligatory update on the Red Line extension via CTA. The extension is moving forward towards securing funding. You see footage of Mayor Lightfoot announcing a TIF that would contribute towards building the Red Line extension to 130th Street. This was uploaded to CTAs YouTube channel two days ago.

We also see a concept of the new stations on the extension. Seems lofty to see at least in the distant future new residential development and a coffeeshop named for Makayla. Hmmm I seem cynical?

Well I like to see where some of these communities will be especially if projects like this come to fruition. Perhaps there will be a Makayla Coffeeshop in the community in the near future and hopefully other amenities beyond that. Wait I like the idea of a Roseland Coffee House, and right on the same lot where the old Coffee Pot restaurant used to be.

Another term that has come up in this video is equity. Equity in public transit and equity in as far as who gets contracts to build this new infrastructure.

My deal, however, is when will this project get the federal funding and go forward? 

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