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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sign theft? #Ward09


[VIDEO] I found this video via the YouTube channel Pullman Videos. Candidate Cleopatra Draper was caught on surveillance camera on 103rd & St. Lawrence stealing a sign for incumbent Ald. Anthony Beale. Being confronted by longtime Chicago political editor Mike Flannery (you may remember him from WBBM-TV now he's with FOX 32), Draper at first didn't want to talk about the incident. He shows her the footage, and it seems there have been other incidents of this.

According to the report there is surveillance footage of stealing campaign signs near his home  though Draper says she had nothing to do with that incident. Beale is in the report himself saying someone found some signs in the trash ion 73rd Street.

Oh and I forgot Draper after having to answer for this, she considered that one sign she did take as garbage.

Is this typical political hijinks?

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