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Friday, January 20, 2023

McDonald's near 95th & Dan Ryan closed?

 I found this photo below on Facebook stating that it's now permanently closed.

Via Joe Myers on Facebook

This location has been here since the early 2000s and it was shocking within the last week to see that there was no one in the parking lot and drive through within the last two or so weeks. With it's location it's very odd that there was no one there or that it was closed.

On the other hand in the handful of times that I've been there as a customer I found that the customer service left a lot to be desired. One time I ordered something and the cashier said nothing and just pointed as if I knew what she was trying to say or ask. So my first thought was that well people finally got wind of the customer service up there and they started to lose business. Though again, this location was always jumping even if I rarely ordered any food there.

Other explanations I've seen has been about violent crime near this McDonald's say some people got shot. As you see in the above pic there is plywood over some of the windows though I don't know if there was a shooting there that affected the building or anyone inside or not.

Another explanation is that just as was done with the lots on the east side of the Red Line's 95th Terminal which used to have a Jim's polish stand, two gas stations and a strip mall, they also bought the property on the west side of the terminal. Just curious how much of this property CTA bought and can be expected to be demolished in the near future.

Regardless looking for something to eat once you get off the bus or train on 95th Street. McDonald's is now one less place to do so.


  1. Do you know what was on that site before McDonald's?

    1. For many years before the McDonald's I do recall a vacant service station that was there. And let's go way back it was a Standard gas station, it had an Amoco logo though with the word Standard. If anyone has an old pic of that gas station send it.

  2. I was shocked at!!!!