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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Pullman tourism poster

 I've been following the work from The Chicago Neighborhood for years. The talent he brings in designing brands for Chicago's neighborhoods and for the many parts of the city that tourists should come visit is impressive.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Frank I Bennett elementary gets a new electronic sign

I've been wanting to get a pic of the new signage outside of Bennett Elementary and did so this past weekend. Too bad that the electronic sign outside of Bennett's main entrance isn't on at all. Is it even on during school days? What information is presented on this board?
Also this on the front fence of Bennett School near the main entrance. It reflects Bennett's new identity Bennett Pride. Hand made letters which is certainly a nice touch.
However, I'm old school and will continue to consider myself a badger. 😛

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Want to do a Pullman strike tour?

Credit: The Chicago Neighborhoods
I was awfully slow in sharing this. On July 13, 2019 there was a tour in Pullman related to the 125th anniversary of the Great Strike of 1894 and there are more scheduled through October. I believe this strike caused the President of the time a man by the name of Grover Cleveland to sent federal forces to end it.

I found out about this event through Curbed Chicago earlier this month, however, all I did was retweet this information. It would've been cool for me to take part in this as I know more about Pullman's story and architecture, but very little of some of the labor drama that took place there.
According to the above link:
Labor history tends to get short shrift in history books.

The Pullman National Monument Preservation Society, created by Barack Obama’s presidential proclamation in 2015, is trying to change that. During the Great Pullman Strike’s 125th anniversary, the group is giving guided tours each month through October.
The next tour is scheduled for July 13 at noon. Admission is $25, and each ticket includes post-tour reception and dessert.
WTTW has more on the history of this strike in 1894 with regards to the perfect company town that was Pullman.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Chicago Neighborhoods

Via The Chicago Neighborhoods

Over at my other blog The Sixth Ward, in recent years I've shared some of the logos from this site The Chicago Neighborhoods. In fact, one neighborhood logo created a controversy as the image depicted in the background was an infamous building long gone that was the site of several murders by a serial killer.

That's not to say the artists work in creating brands for many of Chicago's neighborhoods isn't good. Hence, I share this Roseland logo you see above and in the past on this blog the Pullman logo has been shared.

At the Sixth Ward, we also helped to spread the word about some other offerings from The Chicago Neighborhoods. Namely t-shirts and prints if you want to rep. your neighborhood no matter where you are. Leave a print in your home or office in addition to wearing a t-shirt.

How many of you would purchase these products to rep. your neighborhood? And would you be willing to create your own neighborhood logos and t-shirts?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Straight outta...Bennett-Shedd

Even if we were too young to listen to them back in the day my generation likely heard the music of the rap group N.W.A. This month a movie - Straight Outta Compton - about that group will be released in theaters everywhere. In the meanwhile, you can rep your neighborhood or hometown with this link I discovered recently.

I used it to rep my old elementary school and did a post using it as a opportunity to rep other southside areas and even my old high school over at You're more that free to create your own take on this sign.