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Monday, March 20, 2023

Chicago Tonight: CTA & City eyes community centric development around future Red Line extension #Ward09 #ChiMayor23


[VIDEO] I suppose this could be a question for both Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson for the 2023 runoff, what is their position on the CTA Red Line extension. What would they be able to do to make this future extension into Ward 9/Roseland a reality?

Meanwhile this story from an earlier edition of Chicago Tonight is in what ways could the extension help with development around future Red Line stations at 103rd, 111th, Michigan/115th, and finally 130th Street or Altgeld Gardens. I like the idea of more affordable housing and perhaps more grocery stores, certainly business geared towards commuters - such as a cup of coffee or a newspaper (who reads those).

Anyway if anyone has a plan for a business that could benefit from this new L route, starting working now!

Oh and meanwhile here's a CapFax "Toddlin Town" update. In other words what's going on in the 2023 elections as we head for the April 4, 2023 runoff.

CTA Red Line Extension


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